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Wholesales discount pricing for e-gift cards

Profit even more from selling digital products like e-gift cards, game keys, prepaid phone and credit cards thanks to our discount level pricing. Watch your profit margin grow automatically based on your sales volume. Wholesalers will find our sales volume based tier pricing even more interesting. Take a look at the example below to see how the discount is applied in practice.

More sales equals higher product margin

At PrepaidForge you’re not only enjoying our standard low prices for all our products, but you can get an even higher discount if you order more at PrepaidForge. When looking at our tier levels you can see the discount related to the tier you are in. For instance if you are in tier level 3 you get an extra discount of €0,03 on each product in your shopping cart and another discount of 0,3% on the total price.

The first threshold to cross is 10.000 euro. For smaller webshops this may sound a lot, but if you break it down to a combination of products bought in the last 45 days, you’ll find it’s much easier to reach than you think.

So, when keep on growing your sales volume in the last 45 days, you’ll grow to the next discount level and save even more.

What are the tier levels?

Take the following example as an illustration of how your profit margin can grow on each individual product:

Tier Sales volume Added discount:
euro % euro
Tier 1 € 0 to € 10.000 - -
Tier 2 € 10.000 to € 30.000 0,1% € 0,02
Tier 3 € 30.000 to € 50.000 0,3% € 0,03
Tier 4 € 50.000 to € 100.000 0.5% € 0,04
Tier 5 More than € 100.000 0.8% € 0,05

Try it out!

Step 1 - Let's say you've spent in the last 45 days:

Step 2 - Select a product and its amount:

Looking for more detailed numbers?

Would you like to see more detailed prices or more interesting insights. Take a look in our webapp or contact us directy. Ring, Skype or mail our sales experts