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Sell digital goods in your online shop

Offer e-gift cards, game key codes, prepaid phone and credit cards in your webshop. Profit from higher turnover and happier customers.

Choose the best eCommerce solution

Why not make your life as web merchant easier and make your customers happier by offering a wide variety of digital goods in your webshop? You don’t have to search and get acceptance from all the brands like Amazon, iTunes or Microsoft yourself. Just integrate our API to access our catalogue of digital goods and offer it through your webshop. All you have to do is integrate our API. It automates your ordering process and frees you from maintaining stock.

Benefits of selling e-gift cards

  • Eliminate risk of overstocking
  • No brand restrictions
  • Automated ordering process
  • Instant delivery
  • Add your own product margin
  • Get sales based tier discounts

Get happier customers with our API

You can easily enhance your customers’ satisfaction by offering them our range of digital goods. Integrate our API and they can browse your webshop and put any e-gift cards, game key codes, prepaid phone and credit cards in their shopping cart. They issue their payment through your webshop, as they are used to. After their purchase our API instantly delivers their product to your webshop. From there your webshop takes over and you can offer additional services like personalisation options for their gift card code. In any case you can determine your own profit margin and receive a weekly sales performance report from us. Just maintain your account balance and enjoy the benefit of earning more by doing less.

Find out how to integrate our API

What does the Prepaid Forge API do for you?

Find all available codes easily for your own platform
Through our documentation everything goes automatically
Your invoices are organised for each week or month
Your customer gets an instant delivery
1. Your customer requests a code on your website
2. Our API searches the correct code in our app
3. Our API placed the order
4. Our API makes the payment
5. Your Customer redeems his code through your website

4 easy steps to integrate our API

Granted, you need some technical know-how to integrate our API. But then integrating our API is easy if you follow these simple steps.

Congratulations! You’ve just successfully implemented our api. You’re ready to conquer the world of selling digital goods. Look forward to weekly sales reports from us. Watch your profit grow with automatic discount pricing.

Need assistance? Our in-house developers are happy to help you out. For assistance with the implementation you can schedule a Skype session with one of our developers.